SAITAMA RING ROUTEGuidebook for tourists in:Soka City, Koshigaya City, Yashio City, Misato City, Yoshikawa City and Matsubushi Town


Just one train ride away from Shibuya, Akihabara, Asakusa, etc., the SAITAMA RING ROUTE is the best way to travel around this enchanting city. This new travel path highlights all of the best areas to enjoy Japan even more. We’ll show you how to make the most of the SAITAMA RING ROUTE.

Experience unfamiliar sides of Japanese culture

This area offers visitors a unique chance to experience Japanese culture by seeing a Noh theater, making traditional Japanese senbei (rice cracker), trying their hand at indigo dyeing, and bathing in a Japanese hot spring.

Walk along old Japanese roads

Old roads are filled with retro townscapes, historic buildings, and Japanesque scenery.

Discover Japan's most beautiful spring views

Spring highlights Japan's most beautiful aspect. The cherry blossoms and peach trees in this area are exceptionally beautiful.

Shop at one of the Japan's largest shopping malls

This area is a shopping paradise! Before leaving for Narita or Haneda Airport, it is a very good idea to stop by these spots.


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