B-2Soka-shukuB-4Shinmei-an草加宿神明庵草加宿神明庵Pop in for a short rest!?到此?歇脚!/ひと休みはこちら!越谷著名的野?午餐!/越谷名物の鴨ランチ!四季之山海菜肴?真四季の山海料理鈴真Dine on a lunch of Koshigaya’s specialty, duck!Seasonal Mountain& Ocean CuisineSuzushinThis resting spot resides a historic house alongside the Nikko-kaidoRoad. Inside you’ll find asightseeing information center aswell as a free space to relax.使用日光街道?上的古民房? ?的休息?所。?个空?既是?光咨? ? ,任何人也都能在此休息。日光街道沿いの古民家を使ったお休み処。観光案内所や誰でも休憩できるスペースになっている。0048-948-6882 111:00~16:00 2Monday (or the next day in the case ofnational or make-up holidays), year-end and New Year holidays/周一( ?假日或?休? ?次日休息),年末年初/月曜(祝日または振替休日の場合は翌日休)、年末年始3\0 41-6-14 Shinmei, Soka/草加市神明1-6-14/草加市神明1-6-14 5A12-minute walk from Soka Station/从草加站?行12分? /草加駅から徒歩12分This restaurant prepares Japanese cuisine made with fresh, seasonalingredients. The Duck Green Onions Hot Pot, available to order for parties oftwo or more, is famous for local green onions and town’s hunting grounds.?家日本餐?使用?季? ?的食材?行烹?。从双人?起?的“野? ?葱?”,因?里既出? ?葱,又有御用狩? ?而成?越谷名菜。季節ごとの新鮮な食材を使った日本料理店。2人前から注文できる「鴨ネギ鍋」は、この街に鴨場と特産のネギがあることから越谷名物だ。0048-964-4463 111:30~14:00、17:00~23:00 2Sunday/周日/日曜41-137 Miyamoto-cho, Koshigaya/越谷市宮本町1-137/越谷市宮本町1-137 5A7-minute walk from Koshigaya Station/从越谷站?行7分? /越谷駅から徒歩7分B-5 Koshigaya-juku越ヶ谷?站越ヶ谷宿Walk through an old Japanese post-town!在?站的小?漫? !/宿場町を歩こう!B-3草Feel like a samurai as youstroll along the highway!草加松原?行道草加松原遊歩道?着武士的心情漫?在街道上!/侍気分で街道ウォーク!Yatate-bashipedestrian bridgeSoka-MatsubaraWalking TrailThe atmosphere of this promenade, which runsalong the river with a row of pine trees, will makeyou feel as if you’re in the Edo Period. As youstroll over the two taiko drum-shaped bridges,you’ll feel like you’re a samurai or princess.?条?行道最能感受到江? ?代的气氛,松林沿着河流向?方逶?延伸。跨越2座弧形?行天? ,心情就好像?成了古代武士或公主。江戸時代の雰囲気が感じられる、川沿いに松林が続く遊歩道。太鼓型の2つの歩道橋を歩けば、昔の侍や姫になったかのような気分になれる。0048-922-2403(Soka City Culture and Tourism Division/草加市文化?光? /草加市文化観光課) 1Free entry/自由参? /見学自由4In the vicinity of2-chome Shinmei, Soka/草加市神明2丁目一? /草加市神明2丁目辺り5A15-minute walk from Dokkyodaigakumae (Soka-Matsubara) Station/从独?大学前(草加松原)站?行15分? /獨協大学前〈草加松原〉駅から徒歩1 5分Koshigaya-juku is a post-town on the Nikko-kaido Road. As manyof the old merchant and private houses are still standing today,visitors can easily get a feel for old Japan.?里是日光街道的?站小?之一。?里至今仍保留着商家?建的? ?和古代民宅,使人感受到当?的?貌。日光街道の宿場町のひとつ。商家の佇まいが残る蔵や古民家が現存し、当時の面影を感じる歴史散歩が楽しめる。0048-971-9002(Koshigaya City Tourist Association/越谷市?光?会/(一社)越谷市観光協会) 1Free entry/自由参? /見学自由4Koshigaya, Koshigaya/越谷市越ヶ谷/越谷市越ヶ谷5A 10-minute walk from Koshigaya Station/从越谷站?行10分? /越谷駅から徒歩10分Otherrecommend spots!?里也?得一去!/ここもおすすめ!Soka City Traditional Industries Exhibition Room Gift Shop Parisse草加市? ? ? ?展示室売店“P a r i s s e”草加市伝統産業展示室売店「ぱりっせ」This shop is located inside the Soka City Culture Hall near the SokaMatsubara Promenade. It has local Soka specialties on display and for sale,and offers a hand-made Soka senbei workshop.位于草加松原?行道附近的草加市文化会?里。除了展示?售草加的特?商品之外, ?可?手体? ?制草加煎?的工?。草加松原遊歩道の近くにある草加市文化会館内。草加の特産品の展示・販売を行なうほか、草加せんべいの手焼きを体験できる。B-3-10048-931-1970 110:00~18:00 2Every first Monday of the month, year-end and New Yearholidays, two annual temporary closures, etc./毎月第1个周三,年末年初、此外?年?有2次? ?休息/毎月第1水曜日、年末年始、年2回臨時休館ほか41-1-5 Matsue, Soka (inside the Soka City CultureHall)/草加市松江1-1-5(草加市文化会?内)/草加市松江1-1-5(草加市文化会館内) 5A 5-minutewalk from Dokkyodaigakumae (Soka-Matsubara) Station/从独?大学前〈草加松原〉站?行5分? /獨協大学前〈草加松原〉駅から徒歩5分SAITAMA RING ROUTE 07