A-2草草加煎?志免屋草加せんべい志免屋Soka SenbeiShimeyaSokasenbeibakingworkshopsandshopping!?行草加煎?的?制体?与?物!/ /草加せんべいの体験&買い物を!A shop specializing in the century-old tradition ofSoka senbei, where you can enjoy baking yourown rice crackers.在?有100多年?史, ?名遐迩的草加煎? ? ?店,愉快体?煎? ?制工?。100年以上続く草加の名物であるせんべいの専門店で、せんべい焼き体験が楽しめる。00120-211-721 19:00~21:00 2Friday/周五/金曜3The senbei bakingworkshop costs \70 per rice cracker/ ?制煎?的体? 1 ? 70日元/せんべい焼き体験は1枚70円41-11-1 Shinmei, Soka/草加市神明1-11-1/草加市神明1-11-15A 10-minute walk from Soka Station/从草加站?行10分? /草加駅から徒歩10分A-3越谷能?堂こしがや能楽堂Take a tour of this Noh theater, representingthe best Japanese architecture has to offer!参? ?萃了日本建筑精髓的能?堂!/日本建築の粋を集めた能楽堂を見学!KoshigayaNoh TheaterA focal point for Noh theater, flower arrangement, tea ceremony and otherJapanese cultural traditions. Visitors are welcome to observe the Noh theaterand the Noh masks.?播能?、花道和茶道等日本? ?文化的基地。可参?能?舞台和能面具。能楽や華道、茶道など、日本の伝統文化の拠点施設。能舞台や能面などの見学ができる。0048-964-8700 19:00~21:30 2Wednesday (or the next day in the case ofnational holidays), year-end and New Year holidays/周三( ?假日? ?次日休息),年末年初/水曜(祝日の場合は翌日休)、年末年始3\0 46-6-1 Hanata, Koshigaya/越谷市花田6-6-1/越谷市花田6-6-1 515 minutes by bus from Koshigaya Station/从越谷站乘坐巴士15分? /越谷駅からバスで15分A-4Japanese GardenHanata-en日本庭?花田苑日本庭園花田苑Fall in love with this Japanese garden’syear-round beauty!一年四季都能? ?到美?美?的日本庭? !/1 /1年を通して美しい日本庭園を愛でる!This Japanese garden is adjacent to the KoshigayaNoh Theater. It features exquisite flowers such asplum and cherry blossoms, and fall foliage.与越谷能?堂? ?的日本庭?。梅花、?花等花卉和秋季?叶美不?收。こしがや能楽堂に隣接する日本庭園。梅や桜などの花々や秋の紅葉が見事。0048-962-6999 19:00~17:00(until 19:00 on Saturdays, Sundays, andnational holidays, and until 16:00 from October to March/周六、日, ?假日?到19:00、10-3月?到16:00/土・日曜、祝日は~ 1 9 : 0 0、1 0 ~ 3月は~ 1 6 : 0 0 )2Year-end and New Year holidays/年末年初/年末年始3\100 46-6-2Hanata, Koshigaya/越谷市花田6-6-2/越谷市花田6-6-2 515 minutes by busfrom Koshigaya Station/从越谷站乘坐巴士15分? /越谷駅からバスで15分A-5?Soka senbei?菜肴なまず料理Drop by these popular restaurants to enjoy a lunchfeaturing Yoshikawa’s local specialty, catfish!在提供吉川著名的? ?菜肴的名店享用午餐!/吉川名物のなまず料理の名店でランチ!Our top three catfish lunch picks.此? 3家餐?提供?得光?的? ?菜午餐。おすすめのなまず料理ランチはこちらの3軒。A-5-1A-6吉川天然温泉YUAMIよしかわ天然温泉ゆあみEnd your journey with a trip to a natural hot spring!旅程最后去泡泡天然温泉!/旅の締めくくりは天然温泉!CatfishCuisine■Fukujuya福寿家/福寿家0048-982-0019 111:30~15:00(orders until14:00/ ?点菜14:00/L O 1 4 : 0 0 )、1 7 : 0 0 ~ 2 1 : 3 orders 0(until 19:30/最?点菜19:30/L O 1 9 : 3 0 ) 2Wednesday and other unlisted holidays/周三不定期休息/水曜不定休451Hiranuma,Yoshikawa/吉川市平沼51/吉川市平沼515A A 15-minute walk from Yoshikawa Station/从吉川站?行15分? /吉川駅から徒歩15分A-5-3A-5-2This bathing facility was built over a natural hot spring.Its bathhouses feature 10 different bathing areas,including open-air and indoor baths. Tattoos not allowed.天然温泉的入浴?施。?施内?有露天浴?和室内浴?等10 ?浴? ,内容充?。身上?有刺青的人士,不可?入浴?。天然温泉の入浴施設。10種類の風呂が揃う露天風呂&内湯など施設が充実。刺青の人は入浴不可。■Japanese Cooking Masuya割烹升屋/割烹ますや0048-982-0022 111:0 0~2 0:3 0 2No listedholidays/不定期休息/不定休4148 Hiranuma,Yoshikawa/吉川市平沼148/吉川市平沼148 5A10-minute walk from Yoshikawa Station/从吉川站?行10分? /吉川駅から徒歩10分■Traditional Japanese Restaurant Kojiya料亭糀家/料亭糀家0048-982-0009 111:30~21:302No listed holidays/不定期休息/不定休4173 Hiranuma, Yoshikawa/吉川市平沼173/吉川市平沼173 5A 10-minute walkfrom Yoshikawa station/从吉川站?行10分? /吉川駅から徒歩10分Yoshikawa NaturalHot Spring Yuami0048-982-2647 110:00~24:00 2No listed holidays/不定期休息/不定休3\ 9 0 0( \1,000 on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays/周六、日以及?假日? 1000日元/土・日曜、祝日は10 0 0円) 41-14-5 Ho, Yoshikawa/吉川市保1-14-5/吉川市保1-14-55A 3-minute walk from Yoshikawa Station/从吉川站?行3分? /吉川駅から徒歩3分SAITAMA RING ROUTE 05